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  • lobid-organisations

    lobid-organisation is an Index of libraries and related organisations It provides URIs for > 44 k library-organisations and museums.The URIs are based on the existing and...
  • German ISIL

    ISIL is the International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations (ISO 15511). The ISIL-System is designed for international use and integrates already...
  • RISM Authority data

    Authority data used in the (RISM catalogue, dataset description). It contains information about persons, organisations and literary works.
  • Protected areas management organizations

    Includes the limits of liability of Protected Areas Management Organizations in Greece
  • An organization ontology

    Dave Reynolds (Epimorphics Ltd)
  • ISIL->DBpedia

    This package contains BEACON files linking [http://lobid.org/organisation] (ISIL-URIs) to international DBpedia and German DBpedia. An ISIL is an "International Standard...
  • GiveWell - Charities List

    About From their home page: We don't believe all charities are doing great work. We don't even believe most of them are. As long as donors keep saying "yes" to everyone, this...
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