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  • DBTune.org Magnatune RDF server

    Magnatune is an independent music label, allowing people to buy records for as much as they want. This package contains the Magnatune catalog in RDF format. The converted RDF...
  • DBTune.org Jamendo RDF Server

    Description The package holds data from package:jamendo converted to RDF, available under the same license than the raw Jamendo data itself. The package also holds links towards...
  • DBTune.org MySpace RDF Service

    This service provides a live RDF representation of Myspace users. If the user is also an artist, then the corresponding tracks in the streaming audio cache are included in the...
  • ccmixter-samples

    "All of the samples featured on this page are licensed under the Creative Commons family of license agreements." Frequent use of Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License.
  • Audioscrobbler Data

    Description "Much of the data available to view on Last.fm is available in several formats through the Audioscrobbler Web Services API." Format Data variously available in...
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