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  • The JMdict (Japanese-Multilingual Dictionary) project

    About Overview: The JMdict (Japanese-Multilingual Dictionary) project has at its aim the compilation of a multilingual lexical database with Japanese as the pivot language. The...
  • FreeDict

    About Summary from SourceForge page: Free translating dictionaries. The data is kept as XML complying to the TEI DTD. This enables to include features such as phonetics, part...
  • Dict.cc - English German Dictionary

    About From about page: dict.cc is not only an online dictionary. It's an attempt to create a platform where users from all over the world can share their knowledge in the field...
  • dict.org: Dictionary Related Material

    Description A set of dictionary related material (definitions, thesauri, jargon files etc) bundled together with an API. A full list of the data included can be found on this...
  • Apertium Breton--French

    About Apertium Breton--French dictionary Openness COPYING file says material is under GPL.
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