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  • Sample processing and separation techniques

    A structured controlled vocabulary for the annotation of sample processing and separation techniques in scientific experiments, such as, and including, gel electrophoresis,...
  • Sleep Domain Ontology

    An application ontology for the domain of Sleep Medicine
  • Smoking Behavior Risk Ontology

    An ontology representing a causal model of smoking behavior risk, including genetic and environmental components. It also includes concepts for describing smoking-related...
  • Systems Biology

    The Systems Biology Ontology is a set of controlled, relational vocabularies of terms commonly used in Systems Biology, and in particular in computational modeling. The ontology...
  • Subcellular Anatomy Ontology (SAO)

    SAO describes structures from the dimensional range encompassing cellular and subcellular structure, supracellular domains, and macromolecules.
  • RxNORM

    RxNorm Vocabulary
  • Rat Strain Ontology

    This ontology defines the hierarchical display of the different rat strains as derived from the parental strains
  • Role Ontology

    The Role Ontology (RoleO) is a ontology in the domain of role classification. RoleO aims to standardize role classification and support computer-assisted reasoning. RoleO is a...
  • RNA ontology

    The central aim of the RNA Ontology Consortium (ROC) is to develop an ontology to capture all aspects of RNA - from primary sequence to alignments, secondary and tertiary...
  • RadLex

    RadLex is a controlled terminology for radiology-a single unified source of radiology terms for radiology practice, education, and research. For license information see :...
  • Physico-chemical process

    REX is an ontology of physico-chemical processes, i.e. physico-chemical changes occurring in course of time. REX includes both microscopic processes (involving molecular...
  • Reproductive trait and phenotype ontology

    Ontology for livestock reproductive traits and phenotypes
  • Randomized Controlled Trials (RCT) Ontology

    We developed and evaluated an ontology specifically for Randomized Controlled Trials in order to facilitate the production of systematic reviews and metaanalysis.
  • Read Codes, Clinical Terms Version 3 (CTV3)

    Clinical Terms Version 3 (CTV3) (Read Codes) (Q199): National Health Service National Coding and Classification Centre
  • Quantitative Imaging Biomarker Ontology

    An ontology that describes various concepts in quantitative imaging biomarkers.
  • Pathway ontology

    The goal of the Pathway Ontology is to capture the various kinds of biological networks, the relationships between them and the alterations or malfunctioning of such networks...
  • Proteomics data and process provenance

    A comprehensive proteomics data and process provenance ontology.
  • PRotein Ontology (PRO)

    PRO provides an ontological representation of protein-related entities by explicitly defining them and showing the relationships between them. Each PRO term represents a...
  • Plant Growth and Development Stage

    A controlled vocabulary of growth and developmental stages in various plants. Note that this has been subsumed into the PO.
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    Knowledge representation related to computer-based decision support in rehabilitation; concepts and relationships in the rehabilitation domain, integrating clinical practice,...
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