CODE Endpoint

The CODE Endpoint contains mindmaps and data cubes.

Mindmeister ( provides an online mindmapping service. All public mindmaps are stored in the CODE Endpoint using SKOS hierarchies. The datasets are updated weekly.

Within the CODE Project, numerical data (e.g. tables extracted from research papers) is lifted, disambiguated and stored using the RDF Data Cube Vocabulary.

The disambiguation process finds proper external resources in the LOD Cloud to link the resources in the data cubes. In total 120195 external resources (distinct 17390) are reused. The top three referenced repositories are:

  1. 114220 (distinct 16807)
  2. 5655 (distinct 483)
  3. 150 (distinct 17)

This endpoint utilises the OpenLink Virtuoso Universal Server (

Data and Resources

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